Why CashSaver?

Buying at cost plus 10% means lower prices on every item, in every department, everyday! You don't have to buy in bulk, don't pay membership, need a shopper card or sacrifice on selection, variety, quality or freshness. All with 100% Money Back Guarantee on everything we sell.

We stock a full variety of national brands and private label products. Cash Saver has Quality Meat and Fresh Produce. This is not a limited assortment store. We carry everything you need priced at cost and 100% Guaranteed!

  • You don't have to wait for a sale! Everything is priced at cost with just 10% added at the register!

    Just like the big stores, we bargain for the lowest cost. Unlike the big stores, we don't have costly advertising; just our in-store hot sheet specials. We put the savings on your receipt, not just in our name.